Please note that I do pre-screen 
thus it is unadvisable to request a date
with less than a few hours notice,
as I might not be able to verify you in time!

*I do not book "back-to-back" 
(an appointment every hour)
for the following reasons:

5) Sometimes a gentleman will want 
to extend the date,
and if I have something right after him,
it wouldn't be possible.

4) Sometimes gentlemen get stuck in traffic, 
meetings, etc...
If I arrange back-to-back dates 
and someone runs late,
then the bookings will interfere with each other.

3) When would I ever get to my e-mail 
or be able to return your calls?

2) Personal hygiene! I'm sure you'll want me 
to be fresh!
Again, if I book one date after the other,
there's no time
to shower! 
1) Most importantly, I don't want to be rushed,
nor do I want my
date to feel rushed either!


I will post my upcoming planned touring schedule
Please call, text or e-mail for details...